Sophomore Year


  • Keep those grades up.  While a 2.0 GPA is required for high school graduation, there are many early college and tech school opportunities for seniors who have at least a 3.0 GPA. Your sophomore grades count for 1/3 of that GPA considering you’ll apply for those programs the end of your junior year.


  • Make the most of this year’s tests.  Plan for the PSAT (practice SAT). The PSAT is required for all D51 sophomores. This test gives you great feedback on how you’re progressing toward college-readiness.  The PSAT gives great ideas for careers you might enjoy. If you want more information or practice test questions check with Mrs. Starr.


  • Explore Careers. Take advantage of online career-search and interest-profilers.  See Mrs. Starr for websites and login information.  Go on the WCCC tour with purpose.  See what free technical training you can get while still in high school at WCCC– many of these also earn college credits.  Remember, not all careers require college but most require some training after high school.  Know your options!


  • Take the right courses.  Make sure you have prerequisites met for AP classes you want to take next year.  Scoring high on an AP exam can save you time and money in college by earning you credit for the course.  If your plan includes college, make sure to check out the Colorado college admissions requirements at Take classes that will help you in your career plan.  Not sure what those are?  Ask your counselor.


  • Update your resume.  Add activities you were involved in as a leader or as a volunteer.  Write in any jobs you’ve had and your supervisor’s name and contact number.


  • Explore Schools. Go to the local college fair ready to ask good questions about what the schools have to offer you (tech schools as well as colleges). Check out and search for schools that have the subjects and activities you like.  Visit schools you are interested in.  Get online and apply to summer camps/experiences at the school.

  • Try an Internship.  Did you know you can try working in a career area before you ever leave high school?  It’s called an internship, and it allows you to see what the job is like.  Summer is a great time to get an internship.  Some internships qualify you for a scholarship.  Some turn into a future job, if you impress the people you intern with. 
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